Christine Catchlove
Gingerbread Maker

Chris Catchlove gingerbread maker

After finding that the quality of gingerbread in retail outlets simply did not meet her expectations, Christine began her research and experimentation by changing and enhancing her mother’s recipe to her satisfaction.   Consequently, she established her gingerbread business in 2009.  She believed that the marketplace would appreciate her unique high quality, handmade product – not just at Christmas time – but all year round for many gift giving occasions.

Having enjoyed a national career in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, she has a passion for service and culinary expertise.  Her objective was to bring a different and stunning experience for the taster’s palate with her product.   With the simple presentation of the pure chocolate coating and minimal icing or decoration, she felt it allowed her gingerbread flavour and texture to better come through with that experience.

Christine bakes, decorates, packages and distributes her product through private sales and retail outlets in South Australia, Victoria NSW and Western Australia.  She operates from her kitchen at home with regular scrutiny from the local Health Authority.

Her wish is to work as much as possible with Australian ingredients and packaging wherever possible to further support our industries.


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